We’re going on a beer hunt

If you’ve never heard of “Tryanuary” it’s an annual campaign to get people to use the start of the new year to try new beers – whether bottle, can, cask or keg. It’s a fun campaign with a serious purpose, to help counteract the negative connotations of so many ‘new year’ efforts to persuade you to abandon beer for the month.

At the Geese and Fountain, we love trying new beers. We’ve got an ever-changing choice on the bar, in both cask and keg, and our cellar is groaning under the weight of over 150 different beers in bottles and cans. There’s lots of variety – from peanut butter stouts and coffee porters to juicy IPAs and mouth-puckering sours and saisons. Whatever you’ve tried in the past, we think we can challenge you to try eight new beers this month for TRYANUARY.

So we’ve devised a beer hunt challenge. Try any two beers from cask, any two from keg, any two bottles and any two cans from our stock, and then we will reward you with a FREE BEER – in any format you like!

Offer applies from now until January 31st, 2019. Download the form here, or ask at the bar for a ‘beer hunt’ form and good beer hunting!

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