Vote this year, get free beer!

The Geese and Fountain in Croxton Kerrial is joining a growing list of pubs around the country seeking to encourage people to register to vote in the forthcoming General Election.

A coalition of pubs, breweries and student unions have joined together to create ‘Vote this year, get free beer!’ and provide information tailored for young people about how to register to vote. All those who register can then take proof of their registration on the electoral roll to one of the participating pubs and claim a free pint.

Licensee at the Geese and Fountain, Nick Holden (who stood as a candidate in the 1997 General Election in Harborough constituency) said, “the ‘free beer’ idea is a bit of fun, but there’s a very serious point to this. Non-voters could decide the outcome of every single constituency in the country, and young people in particular are increasingly unlikely to even register to vote. Whether that’s apathy or the feeling that voting doesn’t change things, this is a chance to remind people that voting matters, and registering to vote matters. There’s still time to register for a vote in the General Election, so whether your big issue is fox hunting or the health service, schools or the economy, you’ve got a reason to cast your vote. We’re just giving you one more reason to register.” 

The Geese and Fountain will also be showing the election results live on June 8th, staying open into the early hours of June 9th, so you can find out if your vote has had the desired effect. Tickets for the election night results party will be available from the pub from next week.

The deadline for registering to vote in the General Election is May 22nd. More details of the campaign, and a full list of the participating venues, are on the website at

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