Twelve Gifts of Christmas: 6 – Gluten-free Beers

For too long, people with coeliac disease and other gluten intolerances had to stick to cider if they wanted a pint. But recently several breweries have introduced gluten-free beers that haven’t sacrificed taste or quality in order to remove the gluten.

Here at the Geese and Fountain we offer a wide range of bottled and canned beers, and several of them are gluten-free. From Brewdog’s hoppy Vagabond Pale Ale, to Stringer’s Outlook Dark, with everything in between, whether you want a fruity IPA, a golden classic ale or a dark marmalade-infused porter, then we’ve got a beer for you that won’t upset your stomach.

Having a gluten intolerance doesn’t need to spoil anyone’s Christmas, and thanks to these beers, you now have the perfect present for anyone you know who is trying to avoid gluten.

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