Staying Safe at The Geese and Fountain

Update for summer 2021: Open every day, inside and out

We are now open almost-normally!
On Mondays, we don’t open until 5pm, but every other day of the week sees us opening the doors at midday, and we’re open until 11pm every night (except Sundays, when we close at a slightly more ‘back-to-work-in-the-morning’ 9pm).
You can sit with friends from other households, in tables of up to six inside, and groups of up to 30 outside. We can have live music again, and most of the coming-to-the-pub experience is as good as it ever was.
There are a few changes. You will need to check-in for the Track And Trace service, either by using the NHS app or with pen and paper. You do need to wear a mask when moving around inside the pub. All service is table-service only, and everything from taking orders to paying your bill must happen while you are seated at your table. We’re doing our best to make sure everyone still has a great time though. And we are also continuing to offer TAKE-AWAY on Friday nights, Saturday nights and SUNDAY LUNCH.
While we’re waiting for confirmation from the Government about the next step in the Covid-19 ‘roadmap’, we’re happy to be able to welcome everyone inside now, have live music back on Sunday evenings, and for guests to be able to return to our Bed & Breakfast rooms too.
Here are our opening hours. We’re not going to be doing breakfast (other than for B&B guests) just yet so those of you eager for a Croxton farmers breakfast will need to be patient for a little while longer but we are very excited to be getting another step closer to normal.
We’re thrilled to be opening the doors again for the first time in over 6 months and we can’t wait to see you all in the pub! We know there will still be rules and restrictions, but with such wonderful customers we know we can make them work, and great food and drink are as good as ever.

We made this video last summer to explain how we working. Much of it will be relevant again this year:

Please book your table in advance if you can. Come to the front door when you arrive, and we’ll explain the new arrangements. All drinks and food will be served at your table. See below for full details.

We are following government guidance to ensure that our staff and our customers are safe. We have a nine page risk assessment which we are happy to share with any customers who would like to see it, and a brief summary of all our changes are explained with a leaflet on each table. It’s different to how things used to be, but we hope the warm welcome and the great food and drink are the same.

Before you arrive

TABLE BOOKINGS are advisable, and preferable, as they help us to plan, even if you are only coming for drinks and not food. Use the booking tool on this website, send us a message on facebook or phone us on 01476 870350 and we will book you in. We will have a small number of tables inside and a larger number of tables outside. We will not be setting time limits to your visits, or imposing a deposit or booking charge. If you do not book, you are still welcome to visit the Geese and Fountain but we cannot guarantee that we will have a table available for you.

Please DO NOT come to the Geese and Fountain if you, or anyone you live with, have symptoms of Covid-19. There will be no cancellation fees. Just ring us and say you’re not well and can’t come, and we will be very grateful.

We will restrict bookings to tables of 6 for the time being. Government guidelines state that you can ‘meet with one other household or bubble’ indoors, or in groups of 6 from multiple households or bubbles outdoors – but that you should continue to practice social distancing. So if you are arranging to meet other households at the pub, please advise us on booking, so we can allocate the right number of neighbouring tables.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Geese and Fountain please come in through the CAR PARK DOOR and follow the one-way system. We will greet you and tell you which table(s) we have available for you. Please go to your table before ordering. All your drinks, menus, food, cutlery and so on will be brought to you at your table. Make the most of the luxury and let us wait on you!

We don’t have an app for ordering, all your orders will be taken at your table by our staff, but we do use the Real Ale Finder app to list all the beers, lagers, ales and ciders that we have available. If you download the app, you will know what we have available, and that will save time when you are placing your order.

Please wash your hands or use sanitiser on arrival, before leaving, and each time you use the toilets. There is sanitiser in several places around the pub for you to use.

There will be a ONE WAY system (the car park door is IN only, the front door is OUT only). There will also be one way systems in the garden at busy times.

Please use the NHS Test and Trace app to scan the QR barcode to log in when you arrive, or fill in a paper slip with your contact details, so that we can provide them to NHS Test and Trace if necessary. These slips will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed after 21 days. Every adult customer must do this now, not just one per group.

There will be a page of information on the table. We hope it will help explain what we’re doing to keep you safe. Please read it while you’re waiting for your server to take your order.

The corridor behind the bar is now STAFF ONLY. The ladies toilet has moved to one of our B&B rooms opposite the car park door. Please follow the signs. Both the ladies and the gents will be one person at a time only.

And finally…

There are a few signs around, and a helpful info sheet on all the tables. Please READ them, and follow the guidance, and the information provided to you during your visit by our team. It is all being done for your safety and protection. We know some of you will find it very different from your usual pub visits, but it is all about safety for customers and staff alike. If you’ve got any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them for you: we want you to be reassured that we’re doing everything appropriate to keep you safe.

So if you’ve missed your visits to the pub, whether for food, drinks or an overnight stay, please book a table or give us a call on 01476 870350 and we’ll be delighted to welcome you back.