Join our discount club, save 10% on everything!

What’s better than delicious fresh food, and great beers and wines?

How about delicious fresh food and great beers and wines with 10% off everything?

Yes, we’re launching a discount scheme – designed to enable our regular customers and locals to enjoy the pub for less, as their frequent custom is what keeps us going. We want to say thanks to those of you who come to the pub on a regular basis.

Joining the discount club for £25 will get you a 10% discount on everything you buy in the pub for a whole year. Spend anything more than £5 a week (that’s about a pint and a half, or one large glass of wine), or have one meal each month and you’ll be saving money every time you come to the pub.

Ask for a membership form next time you’re in, or download it here, and join the club.

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