Suppliers who deliver this kind of quality week in and week out are not easy to find.

Our ingredients and suppliers

At the Geese and Fountain we are very fussy about our ingredients, our food and our beers. We’re fussy about our suppliers too. We have found some very special people to work with, who supply us with some amazing products. Some are farmers, some are brewers or brewsters, some are makers of delicious cheese, or meats, or other specialist ingredients. But all are chosen because they are local to us in Croxton Kerrial, or represent the very best of their trade, or both. We consider them all to be not just suppliers but friends. We’d love you to meet them, and find out more about them.

Ancaster Butchers – bacon
Ancaster Butchers use only English meat, sourcing 90% of their meat within 15 miles of Ancaster. They cure all their own bacon and hams, and work with a wholesaler who buys all their meat ‘from the field’ meaning less travelling for the animals.

Belvoir Ridge Creamery – milk, cream, Colwick and Rutland Slipcote cheese
Alan and Jane Hewson farm Red Poll dairy cows at Belvoir Ridge farm, Eastwell Crossroads. Their milk and cream are delicious and go to make our hot chocolate and our ice creams so fantastically creamy. The Colwick cheese is crumbly in texture and makes fabulous pizzas and sandwiches, while the Rutland Slipcote is a semi-soft cheese similar to a brie and often features on our cheeseboard selections.

Gerald Botterill – chicken, turkeys and geese
Gerald and his son Richard raise free range poultry in our village, Croxton Kerrial. Chicken features in our Sunday roasts almost every week, and we’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told us “it’s the tastiest chicken I’ve ever eaten”. We don’t disagree. Turkeys and geese appear on our Christmas menu, after they’ve kept the village entertained all year with their chatter.

Brewsters Brewery – beers and lager
Brewsters Brewery is the closest brewery to the pub – about five miles to the near side of Grantham, where you’ll find Sara Barton and her team making a range of delicious beers and lagers in a traditional style with quality ingredients. Sara’s list of awards is almost as impressive as the taste of her beers, with Brewsters Helles lager recently winning gold at the International Brewing Awards 2015. You will find it regularly on the bar at the Geese and Fountain.

Burgin Lodge – lamb and hogget
Ros Turner at Burgin Lodge between Stonesby and Waltham on the Wolds has been rearing sheep for many years, working with local butcher Gwlym Owen at Launde Farm Foods. We use hogget rather than lamb – animals which are a year older than lamb, have lived more of a life and also developed more flavour.

Colston Bassett Dairy – Stilton cheese
The Colston Bassett dairy has been making outstanding cheese for over one hundred years and the farming co-operative which was first established in 1913, is still in operation today. The Dairy developed from the vision of a local doctor, Dr William Windley – and continues to make cheese in the traditional way, using milk from local farms, all within 1.5 miles of the dairy in the Vale of Belvoir. Colston Bassett’s Stilton was awarded two Great Taste gold stars this year and has also recently been award Best Stilton and Reserve Champion UK at the International Cheese Awards 2015.

David Cox butchers – ham, haslet, sausage and bacon
David Cox has been the village butcher in Stathern for many years, supplying local people with the highest quality of sausage and raw meats. His wife Jean makes delicious hams, haslet and pies.

Freedom Brewery
Freedom make lager, but not your usual everyday drink-it-without-tasting-it lager. Freedom’s range is bursting with flavour, perfectly balanced with specially selected hops before being bottom fermented in closed, pressurised vessels. Lager is fermented at a lower temperature than ale and therefore takes longer – between 7 to 14 days, in contrast to 4 to 5 days. During fermentation, the beer naturally carbonates itself as a result of the breakdown of sugars to alcohol. After the fermentation stage, the ‘young’ beer is transferred to maturation or storage tanks, where it’s stored at -1 ̊C. Freedom Brewery has a minimum maturation period of 4 weeks. Freedom’s brewery is state-of-the-art when it comes to minimising their environmental impact – yet one more reason why we’re proud of serving Freedom Four lager on draught, and a range of other Freedom lagers in bottles.

Nottingham Blue Barrel Cider
Using traditional methods and oak barrels, the team at the Summerwood Community Garden in Clifton, Nottingham, make award winning cider using 100% freshly pressed apples. All sales go to supporting the projects run for, and by, the community.

Oldershaw Brewery
Oldershaw Brewery is a family run business brewing in Barkston Heath, just outside Grantham. Kathy and Tim Britton, who run the brewery, live in Croxton, making Oldershaw our adopted ‘localest local brewer’. Expect to see a range of Oldershaw beers on regularly in both cask and bottle.

Rutland Charcuterie
Nick Brake was an artisan cabinet maker before studying Butchery and Charcuterie for a year at The School of Artisan Food in north Nottinghamshire. Having completed the course he set up The Rutland Charcuterie Company with the help of Rich Summers who had been tutoring him as part of his Diploma. They launched in June 2014 and now specialise in making salamis and air-dried meats, all made with three core values at their heart: Provenance, High Animal Welfare Standards and of course Great Taste.

St Martin’s Coffee Roasters
St Martin’s Coffee Shop is a speciality coffee shop, burger restaurant and coffee roastery located in the lovely surroundings of St Martin’s Square, Leicester. Their coffee is freshly roasted at their roastery, just 10 minutes walk away. Sourced from across the globe in conjunction with their green coffee partners, they are constantly searching for new and exciting coffees. St Martin’s coffee is roasted in a way which preserves the subtle flavour of the beans, while striving to continuously improve the results by importing new crops and experimenting with our roasting techniques.

Thirsty Farmer
The Fear family have been making cider for generations, formerly in Weston-super-Mare, and now in Sutton Bonnington, on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. Formerly known as “Farmer Fear’s Cider”, they are now Thirsty Farmer but they still hold true to the ancient art of traditional cider making, and create a range of still and sparkling ciders.