General Election night: watch the results with us

We’re planning something a little different on Thursday, June 8th. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last month that’s the date of the upcoming General Election, called somewhat surprisingly by Prime Minister Theresa May last month. We don’t see a lot of the big hitters from any party out here in Croxton Kerrial, but that doesn’t mean politics isn’t important to us. And whatever your hopes and fears for election night, we hope you’ll come and spend the evening with us.

We’re aiming to have a late bar, and serve some light snacks through the night (licence extensions applied for), and we’ll have the BBC News election coverage on the pub TV. So if you’re as excited by swingometers as we are, you can share the excitement as a social occasion in the pub, rather than sitting at home on your sofa watching the election results with a cup of tea and having to raid the fridge for snacks.

Whether it’s “four more years” or a historic shock result, you won’t want to miss out on the drama of watching the results unfold. From the first constituency (probably Sunderland again) to the formation of a new government, we’ll be staying up for it all. Come and join us. 

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