All-time real ale list

We thought you’d like to see the ever-growing list of real ales we’ve served at the Geese and Fountain. All from local breweries, all great examples of the fine tradition of cask conditioned ales that make British pubs the envy of the world.

Since we opened, we’ve served over 100 different locally brewed real ales. While we return to our favourites from time to time, you’ll always find something new on the bar.

If we’re keeping this list properly updated, the last five beers on this list should be the ones currently available on the bar… if you really want to know which beers we’re currently selling, check us out on twitter or Untappd, where we announce each new beer as it arrives on the bar.

Oldershaw Heavenly Blonde August 2015
Grainstore Red Kite August 2015
Pheasantry Ringneck August 2015
Belvoir Peacock’s Glory August 2015
Dancing Duck Dark Drake August 2015
Bakers Dozen Galactic Landlady August 2015
Wicked Hathern Hawthorn Gold August 2015
Grainstore Rutland Panther August 2015
Magpie Hoppily Ever After August 2015
Oldershaw Barkston Bitter August 2015
Tres Bien Sticklebract Special August 2015
Grainstore Rutland Osprey August 2015
Belvoir Beaver August 2015
Kings Cliffe 5C August 2015
Oldershaw Sunnydaze August 2015
Brewsters Artemis August 2015
Grainstore Ten Fifty August 2015
Belvoir Dark Horse August 2015
Brewsters Great Expectations August 2015
Pheasantry Dancing Dragonfly August 2015
Bakers Dozen Passenger August 2015
Grainstore Steelback IPA August 2015
Nobby’s T’Owd Navigation August 2015
Belvoir White Dolphin August 2015
Oldershaw Old Boy September 2015
Brewsters Aromatic Porter September 2015
Grainstore Triple B September 2015
Belvoir Whippling September 2015
Dancing Duck Nice Weather 4 Ducks September 2015
Oldershaw Heavenly Blonde September 2015
Oakham Ales Scarlet Macaw September 2015
Grainstore Cooking September 2015
Magpie Night Flyer September 2015
Tres Bien Holy Grail Pale Ale September 2015
Oldershaw Traleblazer September 2015
Belvoir Dark Horse September 2015
Oldershaw Great Expectations September 2015
Nobby’s Swift Nick September 2015
Grainstore Red Kite September 2015
Oldershaw Great Charter September 2015
Tres Bien Porter October 2015
Belvoir Fly Half October 2015
Grainstore Swan Dive October 2015
Newby Wyke Summer Session Bitter October 2015
Brewsters Marquis October 2015
Oldershaw Grantham Stout October 2015
Bakers Dozen Jentacular October 2015
Belvoir Whippling October 2015
Wicked Hathern Cockfighter October 2015
Oldershaw Alchemy October 2015
Milestone Classic Dark Mild October 2015
Brewsters Hophead October 2015
Grainstore Rutland Osprey October 2015
Oldershaw Alchemy October 2015
Grainstore Tupping Ale October 2015
Newby Wyke Banquo October 2015
Wicked Hathern Dovecote Porter October 2015
Milestone Black Pearl November 2015
Tres Bien Killer Whale Pale Ale November 2015
Belvoir Star November 2015
Castle Rock Red Riding Hood November 2015
Kings Cliffe No 10 November 2015
Grainstore Daniel Lambert November 2015
Belvoir Gordon Bennett November 2015
Castle Rock Harvest Pale November 2015
Wicked Hathern Transatlantic Pale Ale November 2015
Oldershaw Newton’s Drop December 2015
Oakham Ales Deep Thought December 2015
Belvoir Star December 2015
Belvoir Dark Horse December 2015
Oldershaw Hollydaze December 2015
Brewsters Wenceslas December 2015
Grainstore Three Kings December 2015
Shiny Sorachi Dark December 2015
Kings Cliffe P51 December 2015
Nobby’s Best Bitter December 2015
Wicked Hathern Albion Special December 2015
Dancing Duck Hoppy Christmas December 2015
Nobby’s Santa’s Secret December 2015
Grainstore GB Best January 2016
Dancing Duck Quack Addict January 2016
8 Sail Merry Miller January 2016
Newby Wyke HMY Brittania January 2016
Blue Monkey Sanctuary January 2016
Oakham Ales Affair at Styles January 2016
Grainstore Calcutta February 2016
Black Iris Snake Eyes February 2016
Pheasantry One Dark One February 2016
Oldershaw Zest February 2016
Grainstore Masquerade February 2016
Oldershaw Union February 2016
Pheasantry Best Bitter February 2016
Milestone Loxley February 2016
Oldershaw Mosaic Blonde February 2016
Oldershaw Grantham Porter March 2016
Blue Monkey Right Turn Clyde March 2016
Market Harborough MH Best Bitter March 2016
Brewsters Hopticale Illusion March 2016
Grainstore Red Herring March 2016
Abstract Jungle Chocolate Hazelnut Porter March 2016
Belvoir Dark Horse Mild March 2016
Wicked Hathern Unclean Beast March 2016
Milestone Rich Ruby March 2016
Milestone Lion’s Pride March 2016
Oldershaw Mosaic Blonde March 2016
Springhead Outlawed March 2016
Bakers Dozen Stormtrooper Rugby March 2016
Grainstore Rutland Panther March 2016
Oldershaw Grantham Porter March 2016
Blue Monkey Chimp Chim-In-Nee March 2016
Brewsters Hildegard March 2016
Nobby’s Nobby’s Best Bitter March 2016
Grainstore Apocalypse March 2016
Oldershaw Sorachi March 2016
Belvoir Sir Frank Whitt’Ale April 2016
Castle Rock Sherrif’s Tipple April 2016
Grainstore Ten Fifty April 2016
Springhead Drop of the Black Stuff April 2016
Oldershaw Ascalon April 2016
Nobby’s Northampton Red April 2016
Bakers Dozen Frank April 2016
Oldershaw Blonde Volupta April 2016
Brewsters Stilton Porter April 2016
Grainstore Cloak and Dagger April 2016


Draft ciders are currently Spalding Scrumpy, Scrummage and Full Back from the Hallaton Bottle Kicking Cider Company in Leicestershire, and Hibernate and Nice Pear from Scrumpy Wasp in Nottinghamshire. Our craft keg selection is Abstract Jungle ‘Casual Breakfast Stout’, Brewster’s Golden and Oakham Ales Spring Heeled Jack (black IPA).