Doing Dry January?We’ve got you covered!

A month without alcohol isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but if you are doing Dry January, you don’t need to avoid the pub.

At the Geese and Fountain, we always pride ourselves on offering a wide choice of drinks for all our customers, and that includes those who are not drinking alcohol, whether for health reasons, because of their age, or just through personal choice such as ‘Dry January’. We take seriously the idea of the pub being a community hub, and that includes the whole community, not just the ones on beer, wines, ciders or spirits!

So we have a wide range of soft drinks: from the commonly available Coke and Pepsi (yes, we stock both), to the less common Fentimans (try their Dandelion and Burdock for a taste of days gone by). Locally produced Belvoir Fruit Farms (the famous Elderflower Presse is our biggest seller, but their ginger beer is really good too) and a wide range of tonics (mostly Fever Tree but also Lamb and Watt, and even a Fentimans grapefruit tonic which is really refreshing) are also on the shelves.

But we don’t stop with the soft drinks. You may be giving up alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the beer! We stock alcohol free beers from BrewDog, Erdinger, Bitburger, and Nirvana (including a surprisingly good alcohol-free stout), and even a non-alcoholic version of our popular Stowford Press cider.

And then there are the spirits. If you’re missing your gin and tonic, don’t worry, we have two flavours of the excellent Seedlip Non-alcoholic Distilled Spirit (that’s alcohol-free gin to you and me), which pair beautifully with a tonic, and we also have the new Strykk alcohol-free “Not Rum” and “Not Vodka”, which make a refreshing change from the usual.

And if none of those is your cup of tea – we can make you a cup of tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Roiboos, red berry, peppermint or green tea! Like we said, we like to give you a choice.

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