Cycling friendly Bed and Breakfast accomodation

If you’re planning a visit to the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire or Rutland to ride your bike (and if you’re not, you really should be), then we’d love you to stay with us while you visit. Whether you just want one night’s Bed and Breakfast while you tour your way up or down the eastern counties, or a base for a few days to properly explore the area, we think we have the perfect location for you.

Our pub is always cycling friendly. We have capacity for sixteen bikes to be locked to our bike racks under cover and behind a locked garage door. We make excellent coffee, and we don’t mind filling bidons with water while you refuel. We have free wifi so you can upload your Strava segments at the same time.

We will happily do washing for you – and we won’t put fabric conditioner in the wash if you want us to keep your lycra in tip-top condition. By next summer we will have a utility room that will include a shower and clothes washing facilities accessible to all visitors. And we won’t get mad if you click-clack your way across our wooden floor with your cleats on.

The area around the Geese and Fountain provides some beautiful cycling terrain. Whether you’re a roadie or a mountain biker, we have fantastic countryside, tracks, trails, roads, rolling hills or proper climbs, and even the deceptive false flats of south Lincolnshire on our doorstep. We’re about ten miles away from large sections of the route for the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic, a race that rivals the best that Flanders has to offer. Yes, we know that’s a bold claim, but it really does live up to it.

There are some lovely bike shops nearby – and some very good mechanics. We particularly like at Wymondham, who sell some of the sexiest bikes we’ve ever seen. And we’re only a few hours’ ride away from the magnificent cycling outfitters, Velobici, in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire.

We have a range of rides mapped out if you’d like to just turn up and ride, or we can advise you on terrain and sightseeing if you’d rather devise your own route.

Bring your bikes and have a great stay at the Geese and Fountain.

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