Cider is a tricky subject in a lot of pubs.

On the one hand you’ve got the traditional cider drinkers and makers, quite happy if there’s a dead rat floating in their pint. On the other, there are so many things sold as cider these days that have basically never even seen the inside of an apple. Fizzy pop sold by big brand names like Smirnoff and Heineken, that a true cider-swilling yokel would never recognise in a month of Sundays. It’s a shame because a well-made traditional cider is a drink of true beauty – refreshing, exhilarating, satisfying – and arguably one of your five-a-day into the bargain.

At the Geese & Fountain we take cider seriously, but hopefully not too seriously. We love a good pint of traditional cider, made the old fashioned way, just squashed apples and the skill of the cider maker conspiring over time to produce a perfectly balanced glass of falling-over juice. But that’s not to say we don’t recognise the value of a bottle of something lighter, frothier, and easier to drink every now and again. We try to find the best of both styles of cider, and offer them for our customers’ enjoyment in the appropriate way.

People generally think of cider as a product of the West Country – Devon, Somerset and the surrounding counties. But in fact there’s a long history of cider making in the East Midlands, and our selection always features several local cider makers. We’ve also in the past had ciders from Wales and Scotland on our bar, and in bottles we showcase a a natural cider from northern Spain and another from northern France. And, no, we don’t sell Strongbow.

Whether you prefer your cider sparkling and shiny, or cloudy and still, we should have something of quality and authenticity for you to enjoy. Our cider offering changes regularly, but currently on offer we have:

Traditional still ciders

Grumpy John’s Medium Cider, 6%

Hogan’s Lonely Partridge Perry, 5.8%

Wharf Cider, 7%

Woody’s Press Medium Sweet Cider, 5.6%

Bottle Kicking Cider Cranberry and Lime, 4%

Bottle Kicking Cider Summer Fruits, 4%

Sparkling cider on tap

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Cider, medium, 5%

Bottled ciders from around the cider-making world

Addlestone’s Cloudy Cider, 5%
Aspall Premier Cru, 7%
Bolée d’Armorique, France, 5%
Brothers Toffee Apple, 4%
Brothers Strawberry and Kiwi, 4%
Brothers Wild Fruit, 4%
Healey’s Cornish Rattler, 6%
Riestra Sidra Natural, Spain, 6.5%
Weston’s Stowford Press, 4.5%
Weston’s Vintage Cider, 8.2%