Cider and Six Nations – the perfect combination?

We’ve just taken another delivery from Rob at the Bottle Kicking Cider Company in Hallaton, Leicestershire. So alongside our old favourite Scrummage, we now offer the lighter (4.5% ABV) Full Back, as well as the traditional dry Spalding Scrumpy from Trev Churchill at Churchill Ciders in Lincolnshire, and the slightly sweeter Hibernate and Nice Pear (featuring a blend of apple and pear ciders) from Scrumpy Wasp in Nottinghamshire.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have bottled ciders galore.

From Rutland we offer the traditional still cider from Fynbury’s along with two flavoured ciders, Blackberry & Nettle, and Rhubarb & Strawberry. From slightly further afield we stock five varieties of ‘Brothers’ ciders: Strawberry, Wild Fruit, Coconut & Lime, Cloudy Lemon and Toffee Apple. Add to those the infamous ‘Black Rat’ and Stowford Press bottled sparkling ciders, and the strong, dry and slightly sparkling Yellow Belly from Churchill Ciders and you’ll see that we have a cider for everyone’s taste. And if you’re worried about driving home, you might be interested to know that we also stock the alcohol free version of Stowford Press as well!

And there’s no better combination than cider and rugby, so this delivery comes just in time as the Six Nations gets back underway this weekend. The TV is back in the library, and we’ll be showing all the remaining Six Nations games, starting with Wales v France tomorrow night.

So come and enjoy the rugby with a refreshing pint of cider – it’s a match made in heaven. Or Hallaton.

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