Crisps, home-grown potatoes and hand-cut and hand-fried.

Cheap as chips? Some hot potato news

This year we’ve been growing the first crop in our kitchen garden, and as a result we have a couple of exciting pieces of potato-related news, on both the crisps and the chips front.

Firstly, the crisps which we serve alongside our delicious sandwiches have always been home-made, hand-fried in our own kitchen. But now they are also home-grown. And we’ll keep that up for as much of the year as we can manage. Home-grown tastes better, and it’s also better for the environment, cutting down transport pollution and ensuring that food is served as fresh as possible. We’ve got a long-term project to get the whole of the kitchen garden into use, but we’re starting small – with a potato crop for crisps and certain special dishes which will now feature home-grown potatoes.

Secondly, we’re bringing down the price of our chips. Our duck fat chips are, quite rightly, a customer favourite. We’ve been told they’re “the best chips in the world” several times. Now, thanks to having a supply of home-grown potatoes to supplement those we buy in from our friends at Fruit Basket Direct in Nottingham, we can offer a bowl of chips for just £3.50 – that’s a reduction of a pound from our previous price. Now our chips are really as cheap as chips.

We’ve also got apples, pears, raspberries and blackberries growing in the garden. If the birds don’t eat them all, watch out for more home-grown dishes on our specials boards later in the Autumn. And next year, there will be very much more. In the meantime, if anyone has a glut of any seasonal produce which they’d like to donate to Kate in our kitchen, she’d be very happy to make something amazing with it.

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