Price reviews

Please note that with effect from this week, a number of our prices at the Geese and Fountain will be revised. Sadly, they’re mostly going up. We’ve tried to keep our prices stable, and avoid price rises wherever possible, but we are now in a position where we have to pass on some increasing costs in the shape of higher prices.
There are three main reasons for this:
1. Rising costs. Like most businesses we are facing significantly higher rent, rates, utility charges, wage costs and charges from suppliers. Most breweries have already raised prices this year, and while we are always looking for good deals, we also want to pay a fair price for the quality beers we bring to the pub. Realistically, when breweries have rising costs themselves, we have to accept that they will then have no option but to increase the price of their products.
2. Brexit. Some of our bottled beers, and many of our wines, are imported from Europe. Brexit is already having an impact in terms of currency exchange rates, and is expected to have other effects – but many wine importers are reporting sharply rising sterling prices for wine. We’re reviewing our wine list, and looking for new options all the time to bring our customers the best possible value, but we’re not prepared to compromise on quality. Brexit is also affecting the price of many beers brewed in the UK – because raw ingredients such as malted barley, wheat and especially hops often come from overseas.
3 The ‘sugar tax’. Soft drinks containing more than 5g of sugar per 100ml have, from April 6th, had a levy applied to them meaning that the manufacturer has to pay the government approximately 20p per litre. With the additional VAT, that means that a 330ml bottle or can of coke (for example) now costs us roughly 10p more to buy from a supplier. We really have no choice but to pass this additional cost on to our customers. What this means is that from this weekend, it will be cheaper to buy diet coke than regular coke – and this will apply to individual bottles and also to a mixer or a pint. So one way to avoid some of the price increases is to switch to lower-sugar soft drinks – and they’re better for you as well.
We still think we’re very reasonably priced. We want everyone to enjoy coming to the pub and to feel that an evening out at the Geese and Fountain, whether eating, drinking or a little bit of both, is an affordable way to enjoy themselves. We’ll be updating the drinks menu prices and the blackboards over the next few days, but if you’ve got any questions about our prices, do please ask: we’re open about the prices we charge.
See you down the pub!